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Services Provided

Building Inspection

If you are worried that your home might have bats, we can provide a building inspection first. This would entail Allstate Bat Control inspecting a home on the outside to see all possible entrance points, and an inspection of the attic if one is available. This can give us an idea of the mess the colony of bats might have made. And if any further clean up might be required.

People often ask if there is a charge for this. If the house or structure is within a ½ hour of Alexandria, MN there would be no charge. If the structure is over a ½ hour from us, there would be a service charge for the length of the round trip and time to inspect the home. But the fee would be waived and cancelled if the customer would decide to hire Allstate Bat Control to do any work on the project.

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Bat Proofing Structure

The bat removal process involves Allstate Bat Control checking the home from roof top to foundation for access for the bats. After all, bats get in form the outside of your house through any openings that are 3/8 of an inch or larger. Sealing up all those openings and putting the excluders on which allow the bats to leave and not reenter the home. We will use to the best of our ability, aesthetically pleasing methods that will blend in with your house so many if not all ways we bat proof will not be noticed. They just end up being part of the structure. Some people will choose to have an attic inspection while we are doing the work and we would be happy to do. Regarding cost, we can give free over the phone estimates by just talking or looking at photos of your house. It would be just an estimate but would give you an idea of where to go after the consultation.

Attic Restoration

Restoration of an attic is the process of cleaning your infected area, generally in the attic. It involves removing the infected debris and materials (insulation and guano). It also entails disinfecting and sealing all the surfaces that are infected if necessary. An attic inspection can help us see how far this process needs to be.

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