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Seesaw with a small house on one side and a hand setting a bag of mondy on the other side.

Bat Damage

Select a category below to take a better look at some bat damage and construction issues.
bat damage and discoloration Bat Discoloration
Guano can have a very negative effect on metal surfaces over time. Here it is rusting the soffit and is dirty.
bat damage on awning and window Awning and window
Bat feces on window sill from dozens of bats inhabiting an awning above window. Very unsightly and unclean. Awning had to be removed and a pressure washer had to be used to get window cleaned.
bat soffit damage Soffit damage
Bat inhabiting an area under a soffit. Staining is developing from extended habitation.
bat damage on the brick ledge Brick Ledge
Bat is hanging by brick ledge and window. This picture was taken right on broadway of a small rural town. About mid-afternoon. Spots of feces can be seen below bat.
bat damage on soffit and roof Soffit and roof
Areas around soffits are common points of entry and exit for bats. Also unsightly residue from guano and urine.
bat attic damage Attic damage
This attic access had much guano around entrance. This easily could lead to air borne desease.
foundation gap bat entry point Foundation gap
Area of house between foundation and sill plate where bats were entering.
soffit gaps bat entry point Soffit Gaps
Soffit installed incorrectly creating large gaps that bats can enter.
soffit separation bat entry point Soffit Separation
Soffit separating from the shingles creating bat entry points.
Warped Shingles
A warp where shingles meet can also be an entry point.
bent soffit bat entry point Bent Soffit
Most common area seen as point of entry. Reroofing houses can commonly cause soofits to be bent open as this one was. Or soffits not cut and installed tight enough is another issue seen.
bat entry through grated venting Grated Venting
Attic venting as this one is installed correctly, but is manufactured in such a way that bats can make there way through grated venting seen here. Removing is not necessary, AllState Bat Control can fix this issue.
bats enter through decorative roof tops Decorative Roof Tops
Cedar shakes and decorative roof tops such as this are pretty, but can lend to attracting bats. Especially if roof tops have working venting units. Screening can deteriorate over time.
bat entry through roof top venting Venting
Venting such as this is very common but does not come with screening in unit. Bats are easily able to enter attic areas. No need to remove/replace, AllState Bat Contol can put screening in after the fact to help you gain back you peace of mind.