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About the Company and Owner

Allstate Bat Control is a family owned business. Mike Carter, the owner, have been around the construction industry for many years. I’ve seen many different methods of construction through the years. This has given me the ability to identify problems on structures that could increase the potential for entrance by bats. I have a good relationship with different contractors that if there is any work beyond our scope of work, can give recommendations to help you out. We are based out of Alexandria MN. I own the company and do all the work myself. If a job does require me to bring help, they will be with me when we do the job. I do not hire anything out or subcontract the work out.

Allstate Bat Control Difference

One advantage of our company is that all we deal with is bats. A trend that we see happening, more general pest control companies are not handling bats. Allstate Bat Control has 4 different licensed pest control companies referring their bat work to us. Like many different work fields, things are becoming more specialized.

Like all pest control companies, there is a continuing need for education, and we are no different. We have 2 certifications in General Bat Standards and Structural Bat Management. Links to the Associations are provided for you to check out. We also have our own arial lift so we do not have to wait for a lift to become available from a rental shop to get to your place. It allows us to be more timely in scheduling you. And it is just a safer way to work if we can. We are licensed as a legal business with the state of Minnesota and we also have the required liability insurance.

One complaint we hear is that response by other companies is terrible. They never call back. We are quick about looking at your place initially, and when covering a warranty if a call back would be necessary. We WILL contact you promptly.

Servicing All of the Midwest

Allstate Bat Control is based out of Alexandria, MN. We are happy to service you bat issues all over the Midwest though. We have done work all over Minnesota and in the neighboring states of South and North Dakota. Do not feel shy about calling even if you are a few miles away. We will make the drive to service your bat needs.