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Attic Restoration

Allstate Bat Control can work with our customers to help them clean up their attic space if the amount of guano and urine damage would warrant it. Not all guano has to be removed. It all depends on the amount of damage and degree of infection and size of the colony and length of time bats have had in the structure. Although guano can be unsightly and pose a health risk if moved or disturbed. Most guano residue and the insulation in an attic, is contained to the attic space. The air is not entering the living spaces of the home. It does not pose a health risk. The way an attic works is air enters through the soffit and exits through the venting at the top of the roof through attic vents. That air never enters the living area of a house. In construction remodels, it can be treated very much like asbestos. Asbestos is sometimes left in a building if it can be sealed up and nobody disturbs it. Although it is a dangerous product.

If the guano does build up over the years by a colony of bats, it can be unsightly, start to build up a scent that can start coming into the home, and pose damage to the building structure if left to build up over years.

We can work with insulation companies for the removal of insulation and reinsulating of a home. While we (Allstate Bat Control) take care of the disinfecting and sealing of all surfaces of an attic. Many insulation companies will not do that aspect of the job. We personally do not remove insulation or reinstall new insulation. We leave that to the experts since there is so many options when it comes to insulation. But there is generally 3 things that can be done when it comes to Attic clean up.

  • Take top 1-3 inches of insulation off top and then putting new insulation to replace what was taken.
  • Take ALL the insulation out and reinsulating the entire attic again.
  • Take ALL insulation out, disinfect with Anti-bacterial/Disinfectant Spray, seal all surfaces with Oil base sealer, and then reinsulate.

You can hire your own insulation company and work with them if you if you have a relationship with someone and just hire us to do the disinfecting and sealing. We can walk you through the whole process, inspect your attic if you have any questions, and give you an idea of the cost of the whole project.

The pictures in this section show a couple projects that we have done. They show the before and after of attics that had real issues and had to be cleaned. We would be happy to work with you and guide you through the process.

Attic Restoration Projects

Pine River East building with damage
Pine River East building after bat proofing
Pine River West building with bat damage
Pine River West building after bat proofing
Swanville building with bat damage
Swanville building after bat proofing
Chimney before bat cleanup and removal
Chimney after bat proofing
pine river east before
pine river east after
pine river west before
pine river west after
swanville before
swanville after
chimney before
chimney after